Terms of Service

We're so happy you've found your way to our little corner of the world! We want to ensure everyone has the best possible experience, but first, let's review our Terms of Service (Terms of Use). When complete, please also review our Community Guidelines as well.


The following is the "Agreement" between you and Fable Games, LLC. ("us" or "we") refers to Folk of Lore (or Fable Games, LLC). “Services” refers to all games, customer service, and content released by Folk of Lore or Fable Games, LLC. Please read this agreement carefully before registering to play Folk of Lore. By completing website registration, you signify your agreement to the Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms, please discontinue use of folkoflore.com.



“Us/We/Our” refers to Fable Games, LLC | Folk of Lore, as a game identity

“User/Users/You” refers to any/all individuals who access Folk of Lore content but are not directly associated with Fable Games, LLC.

“Content” refers to all art, writing, merchandise, ideas, creative properties, forums, etc produced by Folk of Lore or by Fable Games, LLC.

“Digital Fanworks” refers to digitally produced/intangible creative works referencing Folk of Lore content, made by any individual who is not affiliated with Fable Games, LLC (or hired on a contract basis to do work for Fable Games, LLC).

“Tangible Fanworks/Merchandise” refers to physical creative works referencing Folk of Lore content, made by any individual who is not affiliated with Fable Games, LLC (or hired on a contract basis to do work for Fable Games, LLC).

“Currency” refers to in-game currency that has no real world value. (Gold and Silver Shils)


Registration & Access

  1. By registering to Folk of Lore, you signify that you are 16 years of age or older, and agree to our Terms of Use. 
  2. You also agree to provide accurate information upon registration, which includes a valid email address and legal date of birth.

Accounts & Liability

  1. You agree that you are solely responsible & will be held fully accountable for all activities conducted on & through your “account”. 
  2. It is a user’s responsibility to maintain the security of their login information, and keep account information such as (login/password) secure from other individuals. Do not give your login information to anyone. Staff will never request your login information.
  3. Accounts may not be shared, gifted/transferred, or exchanged for any form of currency or compensation. You may not transfer ownership of any account at any time.
  4. Users may create and operate up to 2 accounts per person. These accounts must be registered to the same email address. Multi-accounting from different emails will be considered cheating and may result in account termination.
  5. If multiple users in the same household wish to play, each user may only have 1 account each and staff must be informed via the Multi-Account request form. These requests will be approved/rejected on a case by case basis.
  6. Game assets including (but not limited to) virtual items, beta/promo codes, virtual characters, accounts, or any other content may not be sold for USD or any other “real world” currency. Game assets may also not be sold or traded for “real world items”.
  7. After our beta phase has ended, “Cross-Site Trading” of assets (with the exception of accounts) is permitted in cases where the other game(s) also allows this type of trade. Cross-site trades will not be monitored or policed by site staff, as we are not responsible for the risk taken with off-site exchanges. Although we permit it, these trades are not recommended. However if it comes to our attention that any user is attempting to trade Folk of Lore game assets for game assets from other games that do not allow cross-site trading (or vice versa), the users involved in the trade may have account(s) involved terminated.
  8. Folk of Lore (Fable Games, LLC) maintains the right to terminate or suspend an account at any time for any reason, without notification.

Sensitive Topics & Content Disclaimer

Folk of Lore is a choose-your-own adventure RPG. By registering for the game, users signify they are aware and accept that some game content may include sensitive topics such as (but not limited to) substance abuse & addiction, domestic violence, disabilities, mental disorders & trauma, gender & sexual identity, and discrimination. Our storytelling strives to take an objective approach to presenting a variety of situations in which users may choose to proceed (or not) in the manner they feel is most appropriate for their own ‘adventure’. 


  1. Users may not use Folk of Lore for any unlawful activity or purpose. Posting, distributing, or promoting illegal content is strictly prohibited.
  2. Do not publish sensitive information about yourself or any other person(s) in public forums, private chats, profiles, or anywhere else on the site.
  3. Impersonating other users, or staff, is not permitted.
  4. Pornography of any kind is prohibited. (This includes literature, art, etc.)
  5. Hate speech, abusive comments, or any type(s) of verbal attack(s) are not tolerated; even if only in jest. Additionally, all content supporting the idealization of hate groups is not permitted.
  6. There is a zero tolerance policy for theft or deception of any kind in sales/trades/etc.
  7. All users must agree to the Terms and Conditions and abide by all site rules on all site spaces (personal and public).
  8. Exploitation of glitches or bugs is considered cheating and will not be permitted. Discoveries of any problem(s) on site should immediately be reported via the Bugs Forum.
  9. Bots, scripts, or any software designed to play the game or alter site functions in any way is prohibited.
  10. Harassment and spamming of any other person(s) is a bannable offense.
  11. Discussion of/ visual representation of religion, politics, or divisive topics is considered inappropriate content and is not allowed in any visible, public space on the site.
  12. Mild profanity in visible, public spaces on the site is permitted as long as it isn’t being used to attack or harm any other person(s).
  13. If a user is found to be under the age requirement (16 years of age), their account will be suspended until they are of appropriate age to recommence.
  14. Failing to abide by any of these rules, or attempts to exploit them, may result in immediate account termination, and possible legal action.

Creative Sales

  1. Folk of Lore (Fable Games, LLC) retains the copyright to its characters, content, and designs.
  2. You may display fanart on personal websites/spaces.
  3. Artists may sell artwork/writing for USD or other “real world” currencies using our forums, but may not use our licensed material for commercial purposes. 
    1. Artwork/literary sales that are intellectual property of the seller, may be sold on Folk of Lore by the artist without limitation. 
    2. The sale of tangible fanworks or fan merchandise that reference Folk of Lore characters or content are permitted only for site currency. 
    3. Artists may sell digital fanworks for “real world” currency if the finished product does not use any of Folk of Lore’s official artwork, logos, trademarks, or content. Fanworks created to reference Folk of Lore lore are acceptable if works are made wholly by the seller.
    4. You may not submit any artwork/literature or fanworks displaying Folk of Lore character or content to any third party print stores such as redbubble, shapeways, or any similar services.

Virtual Currency & Site Sales

  1. All sales of virtual currency are final and non refundable.
  2. Any user that attempts to chargeback purchases will have their account terminated.
  3. By submitting a credit card transaction, you agree that you are authorized to use the credit card, and agree to be held liable for civil/criminal disputes if the method of payment is found to be disingenuous or illegitimate in any way.
  4. It is the user’s responsibility to inform us if they are incorrectly compensated for virtual purchases.


All graphics, trademarks, ideas or concepts, and content directly or indirectly related to Folk of Lore are the intellectual property of Fable Games, LLC unless otherwise stated. This includes user suggestions, derivative works, and submitted/approved user-made content.

Rights Reserved

Fable Games, LLC reserves the right to modify or discontinue the services at any time, without prior notification. Folk of Lore (Fable Games, LLC) is not liable to any party if we decide to discontinue our site, or any service(s) that may include.

Folk of Lore (Fable Games, LLC) reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. It is a user’s responsibility to stay informed on rules and regulations presented on the website. Please check back regularly for updates or changes.