Community Guidelines

Thank for your taking the time to review our Community Guidelines. We ask that you also check out the Terms of Service before continuing use of the game.


Folk of Lore has community rules and etiquette to keep users safe and help our moderation team resolve any issues as quickly as possible. We only ask that all active and prospective players check and keep up to date with both the TOS and Community Guidelines throughout the duration of site use. We are not required to announce changes to these guidelines. However, we will try to make annoucnements to keep users informed, but it is the user's responsibility to be aware of rules and expectations at all times.

The Basics

  1. The main language of Folk of Lore is English. For moderation purposes, please do not use any other language on public forums or platforms within the game.
  2. Only contact the staff using the ticket system for in-site grievances. Misuse of the ticket system or modbox will be considered spam.
  3. The Folk of Lore staff reserves the right to review and remove any content they deem inappropriate at any time.
  4. Anyone who is discovered trying to manipulate site rules will be eligible to have their content audited; and their account(s) warned, suspended, or banned. Audited content will be suspended until the staff can come to a decision as to whether the content is harmful or inappropriate.
  5. Users are liable to warnings when failing to abide by the rules. These warnings may be issued by any Moderator or Admin who deems content or behavior inappropriate. The Folk of Lore staff reserves the right to handle each case uniquely and to apply measurements deemed appropriate to resolve these situations.

Be Excellent!

  1. Don’t harass other members. Name-calling, public shaming, rumor spreading, threats, pressuring, taunting, witch hunts, mini-modding, and any other behavior that is deemed aggressive or brings unwanted attention to or towards a user will be classified as harassment.
  2. Absolutely NO form of hate speech is permitted on the site, whether in public or private platforms. Any pejorative term or slurs won’t be tolerated, even if commonly found within members of a group, race, religion, or fandom. There are NO exceptions to this rule.
  3. Do not expose yourself and other people. Keep your and others’ lives and online identities safe. Sharing personal and sensitive information is not permitted. Any form of doxing will result in an account(s) ban.
  4. Be kind, tolerant, and mindful. Be polite when giving or receiving criticism or feedback, or sharing site content.

General Discussion Etiquette

  1. The minimum age to register for Folk of Lore is sixteen (16) years of age. Be respectful to everyone, and do not lie about your age. Any user under the age of 16 will have their account suspended until the time of their 16th birthday.
  2. Mild profanity is allowed, as long as it is NOT directed at any other user in a harmful, aggressive, or harrassing manner.
  3. Stay on topic. Any posts or forums found to be unrelated to the topic of discussion will be removed and treated as spam. Additionally, please refrain from reviving threads that have been inactive for over 3 months, unless it is a relevant topic.
  4. Do not use bright and rapid flickering, flashing, and blinking gifs and animations within the site. Be mindful of photosensitive users.
  5. Do not spam anywhere on the site. The definition of spamming can vary but includes (and is not limited to): posting in ALL CAPS, repeating the same post/title in rapid succession, posting empty or unconstructive responses, posting off-topic forums or comments, chain mail, or advertising shops/trades/etc outside of the appropriate areas.
  6. No sexual themes, discussions, and imagery are permitted anywhere on the site. Depictions of mild nudity (such as topless male figures or female figures in binkini-style tops) are allowed so as long as no explicit imagery and/or writing is used.
  7. No unsettling, violent, and “shock value” themes, discussion, and imagery are permitted. Additionally, real/realistic or extreme gore, violence, and any other forms of shock exploitation of any kind will be tolerated in any form.
  8. No political themes, discussions, and imagery, of any kind are permitted on site.
  9. Discussion of religion is not permitted. However, religious representation is allowed if kept respectful. This includes minimal mention on personal profiles (ie. “I’m a Catholic/Buddist/Jewish/etc”), but no open forum discussions regarding religious topics/beliefs are allowed.
  10. Discussion of social issues (including but not limited to race, sexual/gender identity, personal beliefs, etc) is not permitted. However, identity representation is allowed if kept respectful. This includes minimal mention on personal profiles (ie. LGBTQ flags, Hertiage flags), but no open forum discussions are allowed.
    *As a note, The above allowances do not include hate groups, political groups, or groups directly associated with hate speech. This includes (but is not limited to) swatikas, political flags of any kind, flags/graphics combining existing groups in a spiteful, damaging, or mocking manner.
  11. Users are not allowed to use Folk of Lore, in any of its platforms, in order to search for romantic or sexual relationships of any kind. However, mentions of your s/o, siblings, etc in profiles is completely fine as long as both parties have consented to the callout.
  12. Do not seek medical help and advice within the site. That goes for both physical and mental health issues. Seek true professional help within your country, and always contact authorities through emergency lines when in dire situations.
    Emergency Lines
    Crisis Lines
  13. Do not advertise your or any other person’s outside projects/charities on site. This includes creating personal fundraising threads asking for money, donations, or support of an established monetary goal. Do not post links to Kickstarter, Patreon, or any sort of campaigns and related sites.
  14. Art theft won’t be tolerated. Do not trace or steal other artists’ works in any way, shape, or form. The use of bases and traced work for practice is allowed as long as it was permitted by the original artist (listed on their original post) and not used for financial gain (site currency or otherwise). Art theft is considered borrowing, tracing, heavily referencing/eyeballing someone else’s work or ideas. Using segments or full peices of anyone's creative work, writing, code, etc is also considered theft. If you are using any material that you did not create, without expressed permission, it is considered theft.

Do not abuse the system.

  1. As a player, you are allowed to create and maintain only two accounts that must be registered under the same email. These accounts are yours alone. You are not allowed to share an account with anyone, or create and maintain an account for anyone else.
  2. If you share a computer/connection with other people, and they wish to play Folk of Lore as well, they will need to submit a form to the staff in order to validate these accounts, informing the other player’s accounts name. Otherwise the activity will be seen as suspicious and you might risk losing all accounts
  3. If you find yourself possibly accessing your account from a place in which many other users could access the site as well (ex.: school/campus, public library, etc), please make a note of this on your profile.
  4. The use of third-party programs to give players unfair advantages is forbidden. This includes, but not limited to any sort of programs or scripts that automate functions such as auto buyers, refreshers, trainers, etc.

Sales and Trades

This section will refer to all sales, trades, and currencies allowed within the site, including artistic exchanges.
  1. Any user found scamming will be immediately banned. We recommend all players to never click unverified off-site links, check for item values within the marketplace and forums if necessary, and always use the trade system to exchange site currency or items.
  2. No begging. Any attempt to beg, guilt, or bully other users into gifting, selling, or trading game assets or services is strictly prohibited and will result in an account suspension or ban.
  3. Cross-trading among other browser-based games is allowed (at the time when Folk of Lore ends its beta phase), but not recommended. As long as the other site/game/platform allows this type of transaction, you may cross-trade currency and items. However, be warned that staff won’t be able to operate outside of Folk of Lore, in case of malpractices or loss of items. Do not attempt to trade with sites/games/platforms that do not allow cross-site trading in any way, shape, or form.
  4. You cannot sell your in-game characters, items, or any other Folk of Lore game asset(s) for real-life currency. Exchanges such as these will result in permanent account bans for all accounts involved in the exchange(s).
  5. Selling your art, be it physical or digital within the forums is allowed. You may sell or trade your writing services and artworks for real-life currency, in-site currency, or game items. Equally, you may sell or trade your artistic goods within the forums (pins, stickers, shirts). Keep in mind, however, that the work MUST be your own. Anyone found trying to resell stolen creative work, or art of any kind will be permanently banned. If you are selling Folk of Lore themed work, please refer to the ToS for copyright restrictions.
    *This rule only extends to small freelance commissions. We do not allow small business, ecommerce stores, etc to use the site as a platform to make regular business sales.
  6. Any sales for real-life currencies will fall entirely into each player's responsibility. Folk of Lore does not take responsibility for these types of transactions, and we will not be able to assist in case of mishappenings.

Lore and Roleplays

  1. Do not post untagged spoilers on the site. If you need help with a quest, or decide to discuss an event storyline, please remember to always tag your posts and content with the [ SPOILER ] tag.
  2. Please keep any and all roleplaying in the correct designated forum.
  3. Written depictions of battles and fights are allowed, so long as they are reasonable. You may not make written depictions of extreme gore or violence.
  4. In site-themed roleplay, political and religious discussions are allowed, so as long as they are NOT associated with real-world politics and religions. No Folk of Lore kingdoms or nations are representations of real-world nations, people, etc; although they do attempt to draw inspiration from reality.
  5. Roleplay characters may romance and date other roleplay characters. However, you are not allowed to make topics with the goal of looking for a partner or partners for your characters, topics that seek to specifically turn into romantic encounters, dates, marriages, and any other sort of union and partner-related relationship.

    Minors are strictly forbidden to partake in any character romance, any minor caught attempting to do so will have all of their account(s) suspended until the time of their 18th birthday.
    Any adults found engaging in any sort of romantic roleplay with minors will be permanently banned.

    Any romantic acts and references must be represented in tasteful and respectful manners, and must be agreed upon by the respective character’s owners.

    No forced relationships/mating/marriage roleplays of any kind will be allowed.

    Domestic violence roleplays or other directly triggering content is not permitted in roleplay.

  6. Erotic and suggestive roleplays are strictly forbidden.

End Notes

While we are happy and honored to have you here with us, please understanding that use of Folk of Lore is a priveledge, not a right. Even if you are purchasing premium currency, every user is expected to abide by the ToS and Community Guidelines.